Site Analysis

Site selection and site analysis is imperative to the success of any new project. Many of our clients are unfamiliar with an area, and will request our services for review of potential project sites. Our team will assess possible locations, paying close attention to zoning; circulation with regards to roads, streets, and sidewalks; neighborhoods; and property size. Physical features such as soil conditions and drainage are researched and addressed as well as any restrictions to the removal or disturbance of natural growth and vegetation. Access and availability of utilities is imperative in any new project, and we perform the appropriate due diligence with regards to water, sewage, natural gas, electricity, and data / communications. We are experienced in working with local and state regulatory agencies through the entitlement process, adhering to all zoning and density requirements, approval of regulatory jurisdictions, permits, and consents from Federal, State, and local governments. Our clients trust us to provide them with all of the information required in order to make the best decision in selecting a site for their potential project.